Why Use A Water Flosser?

Daily flossing is something we always recommend to our patients as part of your daily oral health routine. But if you are one of the people who might not enjoy flossing as much because it could be awkward, difficult or messy there is another option to traditional flossing that will still take care of your oral health: a water irrigation unit or a waterpick. Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS is recommending the use of these water irrigation systems for all patients looking to improve their oral health and was willing to describe his personal experience with a waterpick:

“I complained to my hygienist that I kept getting bad taste around my implant restoration even though I knew I was brushing and flossing daily. As a dentist, I wanted to pursue with her potential solutions and heed her advice. She recommended I purchase and use a water irrigation unit as an adjunct to my regular dental care. I had always bulked at using one of these units as I saw them being expensive, burdensome and they made an ungodly mess of your mirror and bathroom. Then I was marketed to by Waterpick on their newest oral irrigator. It’s called Waterpick Water Flosser, Cordless, Advanced. The advantage I saw with this unit was that it was cordless and portable. It was designed to be rechargeable through its housing and therefore could go into the shower with me. The reservoir accommodated a warm solution of water and mouth rinse and it came with multiple heads to apply to most dental situations. Three comfort settings were available for the energy behind each pulse and the most powerful certainly seemed to wash out any debris around my prosthetic work and/or implants. I must say that I have noticed a significant improvement in that sour taste around my implant and I am looking forward to my next appointment and my hygienist’s observations. The unit runs around one hundred dollars, which I realize is a significant investment. But if you’ve had the same reservations as me, you might consider looking at this investment in a positive way to treat gum disease.”