OraCare Mouthwash

Professional Strength Rinse

OraCare Mouthwash bottles

OraCare targets bad breath, infection, periodontal disease, dry mouth– the list goes on! It is the leading mouth rinse on the market surpassing Listerine, Peridex, and Crest Pro-Health! OraCare is sold EXCLUSIVELY at Spring Lake Dental Group!

How to Use:

  • Pump 4 equal amounts from each bottle, Part 1 and Part 2, into a glass or the cup provided.
  • Allow the mixture to activate for 30 seconds.
  • Thoroughly swish the mixed solution around the mouth for 30 to 60 seconds, then spit out.
  • Use OraCare at least twice daily or as directed by your dentist or hygienist.
OraCare Professional Strength Mouthwash bottles

Spring Lake Dental Group is teaming up with #oracarecares to help combat the side effects of chemotherapy treatment! We will be providing complimentary OraCare Mouth Rinse kits to patients who are suffering from cancer.

At Spring Lake Dental Group, we never want our patients to go through their cancer journey alone! Please contact the office to register. Patients who are interested must sign a consent form prior to registration in the program. For more information, check out the OraCare Cares webpage https://www.oracareproducts.com/oracarecares.html.

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