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What You See

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS During your hygiene appointments, a clinical and radiographical evaluation is performed by your dentist. Radiographs will show gray scales from white to black depending on the object density. The more dense an object is, the less the x-ray beam hits the film/sensor and is absorbed by the object making […]

Dental Hypersensitivity

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? I totally get why! HOT North Carolina summer days call for delicious COLD ice cream to cool you down. But, OUCH! Suddenly, your teeth are hurting?  You may wonder why. As with any other condition in our body, multiple reasons can […]

North Carolina Missions of Mercy

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI The North Carolina Dental Society is coming to Fayetteville’s Crown Coliseum on Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, 2018 with the community outreach program, ‘Missions of Mercy’. This is a free clinic to the citizens of North Carolina who have no dental insurance and do not possess the […]