Don’t Be A Chicken

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS

On my drive home for Christmas, I passed a billboard that read, Chicken Have No Teeth.  Don’t Be A Chicken.  The advertisement was for Peterson Dental in Leeds, Alabama.  What a hilarious, clever, and true marketing strategy!  Fear of the dentist has prevented a number of patients from seeking dental treatment sooner or at all.  Under ideal situations, the recommended frequency of dental checkups is twice a year, every 6 months.  During these appointments, the oral cavity is evaluated for health and pathology, chief complaints are addressed, teeth are cleaned if possible, and treatment plans are devised.  Becoming comfortable with the process, the front office staff, and your hygienist and doctor will help to alleviate patient anxiety.  Between cleaning appointments, patients will return to have treatment rendered if necessary.  It is imperative to know that dental care is a part of overall healthcare.  I encourage patients to ask questions during appointments to get an understanding of every part of their dental care, the “why, when, and how much”.  As healthcare providers, we are here to serve you.  Let us do that for you.