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Excited To Welcome Our Patients Back!

Author: Dr. Rima Solanki, DMD Spring Lake Dental Group has been following American Dental Association and North Carolina Dental Association guidelines to help flatten curve during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our team members have been working limited hours to take care of any dental emergency that our patients are experiencing during this time and […]

Pseudo-Sugar and You

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS, FAGD High intake of sugars is associated with obesity, diabetes mellitus (DM), metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and dental caries (Fitch, C, Keim, KS).  Sugar substitutes are used as a cost-efficient method of obtaining sweetness, to help reduce caloric intake, improve glycemic control, and control dental caries (Fitch, C, […]


Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD What are overdentures?  Overdentures are complete dentures on either or both jaws that are supported by implants. Traditionally, complete dentures have relied on support and retention from the bone they sit on and the tissue that surrounds it.  Mandibular (bottom) dentures have been extremely challenging because of all the moving structures […]

In Time

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS, FAGD It’s the new normal. How we communicate, shop, work, teach or learn has changed, and it may be a while before what was, will be again.  I say that not to be pessimistic but to encourage us that in time, we will be able to engage again. As we do […]

Oral Lesions and The Connection to Oral Cancer

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD This month is Oral Cancer Awareness and even though, the majority of us are staying at home, we still have a job to do as your dental office in keeping you informed about oral health. During your visit, I am sure you have noticed that we do an examination of […]

Maintaining Good Dental Health

Author: Bonnie Lott, BS, RDH I am hoping everyone is doing well and staying home through this current pandemic. Even though our office is not currently preforming routine dental care, we still hope that you are maintaining good dental health practices at home. Brushing and flossing is a vital part of keeping yourself healthy! By […]

To Our Patients…

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI I watch television daily as the pandemic develops, just as many of you do.  As this crisis has unfolded, I have developed a new respect for the people who are charged with the protection of our health and welfare. Based upon the Governor’s stay at home order and social […]

The Coronavirus and Spring Lake Dental Group

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI Just like our patients, we are watching the information flow come out for public consumption about the recent pandemic that is affecting our country.  Though we see all that is being posted, we do not rely upon the internet to make decisions about how we are going to deal […]

Standard Practice

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD My topic for this month was going to be a different one however, I feel it is our responsibility as your dental health care provider to reassure our commitment to your care during this time. I do not want to sound repetitive among all the overwhelming information and concern going […]

Get It From The Tap!

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS, FAGD This year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month campaign slogan is “Fluoride in water prevents cavities! Get it from the tap!” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) named community water fluoridation (along with vaccinations and infectious disease control) one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. According […]