The More You Know


Author: Dr. David G. Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD

Is it a cavity or isn’t it? Have you ever had the opportunity to get an opinion from multiple dental offices? Why is there such a great degree of variability for recommendations made from one dentist to another? They all graduated from dental school, didn’t they? We don’t have to just talk about diagnosing dental decay either. We could make the same statements abospectraimageut any other discipline within dentistry. Do I get an implant or a bridge? Is it a root canal necessary? Why do my gums bleed?  I am not making a condemnation statement about my profession, only trying to voice my opinion about how you should receive dental care within American health care today. Ask questions. Get comfortable with your health care provider and find someone you like and trust. Trust your care to an office that has current technology and philosophies that allow you to understand the recommendations that they are making to you. Are they in the business to make a profit or are they truly patient centered?

At Spring Lake Dental Group, we have committed ourselves to staying current with the newest technologies and materials. We believe in the adage, “Never treat a stranger”. As an example, we use Spectra Caries Detection to visualize the teeth with light energy that allows us to better diagnose occlusal decay. This specialized technology generated results that can be projected on a computer screen located within each operatory and where we can show you a colored value that gives you and your dentist a better idea of the extent and severity of tooth decay.

If you have ever wondered about whether your care provider was giving you accurate information, discuss it with your dentist. If he or she is intimidated about your asking, perhaps you need to find somebody you are more comfortable with.

To our wonderful patients, we appreciate you!