Knowing Your Medical History



Dr. Allison Vitelli-Rodriguez, DMD speaks about the importance of accurate medical history recording in our patients treatment:

Unfortunately, many times it is not well understood why we as Dentists need to know past medical history as well as medications being taken by our patients.  Here is the thing; the mouth is in direct contact with the rest of the body since all of the tissue is being nourished by the blood circulation of the entire system.  Therefore, when we perform treatment in the mouth we are working with a whole system and knowing the medical history allows us to provide better care to all of our patients.  Every medical condition is assessed as to whether or not the procedures or materials we use can cause any kind of reaction to the patient’s system, which permits us to be mindful of all we are doing and using with each patient.  We also evaluate for the need of giving antibiotics to certain patients who might be in more susceptibility to acquire an infection due to dental procedures due to the presence of different bacterias in the mouth.  This is what we refer to as prophylactic premedication.   Also some systemic conditions such as viruses and autoimmune diseases can be early diagnosed by signs showing in the oral cavity.  Now you can have a better idea of our reasons to get a comprehensive knowledge of your overall health and allow us to provide you with the best care.

To our wonderful patients, we appreciate you!