Records for Transfer

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI

I sit in my office on a Sunday afternoon completing tasks that I meant to do during the week and just never found the time. Today, it is processing records for transfer.  It is a task that I have come to appreciate because of my past service within the military. Soldiers get military orders and have to PCS to different locations. It is a part of what they do. The turbulence created by a military move has to be incredibly stressful. Between all of the plans you have to make in order to make it a organized transition, getting your health records to follow you has to be a part of that plan. A conscientious continuation of care is an important part of achieving optimum health. I realize this and it is the reason why Spring Lake Dental Group puts a large emphasis on providing accurate information to whomever is lucky enough to get our patients at their next duty station.

With digital technology available to us and the internet, the transfer of information has the potential to be a seamless endeavor if care is provided in the level of accurate data that is transferred. During your time with us, we have dedicated a lot of man-hours in compiling information about your health history, medications, allergies, level of anxiety, chief complaints and any number of stories about past experiences, both good and bad. This assists us in providing top level care to you and your family at our level. Would it not be beneficial if some care provider in your future had all that information as well?

We understand the stresses that life’s journey places on our patients and we try to do our part in helping you deal with at least some of them. Therefore, we provide high resolution copies of all of your digital radiography to include computer tomography, panoramic and cephalometric views. We document and provide all periodontal probings, bleeding on probing, furcation involvement and mobility charting. A full list of all procedures done on you during your time at Spring Lake Dental Group is provided with dates when they were performed.

Lastly, what I do before the record is released to you is to provide a cover letter that explains where we have been and where we are going. It includes a full periodontal assessment with recall recommendations. It details when your last appointment was with us and if any future recommendations have been made. I am not aware of any other dental offices that provide this service. Yes, they may provide a copy (?) of you records and they are entitled to even charge you for this service. We do not feel compelled to charge you as we are very humbled that you would choose us to provide your health care. Caring for our family members, soldiers and retirees has always been a huge honor.  I just wanted you to know. Thanks for reading about my meanderings as I sit here and muse about how lucky I am to be doing the things I do.