Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS, FAGD

Your hygienist will tell you to brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and before bed, floss at least once a day, preferably before bed, and rinse. With braces, this routine will require more time. Although it can be an arduous task, it is of vital importance. Plaque and food retention greatly increases with braces. The patient must continue recare appointments with their hygienist, brush the front and back of the teeth, above and below the brackets, and use flossing aids like floss threaders. The goal is to maintain a healthy dentition with the new hardware. Lack of proper home care will cause gingival inflammation, caries initiation, malodor, additional dental treatment. It is a huge disappointment to spend months to years in braces and have to spend more time and money for restorative treatment after the braces are removed. So remember, be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.