Welcome Jenny Lowder, Certified Dental Hygienist!

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI

This pandemic has certainly challenged us. But I am comforted to find that almost all of our patients at Spring Lake Dental Group are happy, healthy and following the guidelines put forth by the CDC. The end is not yet in sight, but I am hoping that wearing masks and social distancing will keep the virus infection numbers down as we progress through the winter months. I have received my influenza vaccine and yet, I respect this as an individual decision. The year 2020 will forever be remembered for our efforts together in fighting this pandemic and I encourage each and every one of you to stay optimistic as we support each other mentally, spiritually and physically.

This year has brought many staff changes within our practice. I hope that you have noticed that staff turnover through the years at Spring Lake Dental Group has been minimal. This has always been a challenge, but when you are located next to a major military installation like Fort Bragg, we do lose many outstanding personnel through military orders. The pandemic has also ravaged our staff. The challenges presented by this pandemic are far reaching. Parents have been especially challenged. We have been given tough decisions concerning our health, our education and the care of our loved ones that might have mitigating health risks. As our staff has adapted to these challenges, we constantly strive to keep the level of training, supervision and motivation at a level where the safety of our patients is foremost in our thoughts. 

We have been very fortunate in attracting a new hygienist into our family here at Spring Lake Dental Group. I have always felt that experience and knowledge are at a high premium when treating gum disease. Having the wherewithal to attract somebody like Jenny Lowder has been a Godsend.

Ms. Lowder is a Certified Dental Hygienist that has been practicing for sixteen years. She earned her baccalaureate from East Carolina University in 1997 and her Associates Degree in 2004 from Fayetteville Technical Community College. She worked for many years in Dr. Dowd’s practice until he retired and has experience in working for corporate dentistry for a short time. But we are thrilled to have somebody with her experience and knowledge join our practice. I knew Jenny personally prior to her joining SLDG and think that you will find her outgoing personality and professional demeanor to be a huge asset in receiving high level care and education. She loves her profession and is especially energetic in assessing each new patient and working with them to understand their particular oral health situation.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Ms. Lowder to our practice. She is accepting new patients and looks forward to long and productive with Spring Lake Dental Group. As she is an avid dog lover, you might initiate your conversation with her asking about her miniature schnauzers!