Uses of LASER In Dentistry

Author: Dr. Rima Solanki, DMD

The name LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by The Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. It is literally a beam of light that has a single wavelength unlike daylight or white light which are a continuum of light with many wavelengths. In the dental field, the usage of LASER has become widely popular and it can be used for soft and hard tissue lesions. Soft tissue usage includes treating gum disease, reshaping of gum for esthetics, and doing biopsy of suspicious looking lesions or removing them. Hard tissue usage includes caries detection, removal of cavity and whitening of teeth. At Spring Lake Dental Group, we have been using LASER to uncover a buried implant, removal of ulcers, soft tissue biopsy or removal of cancerous or benign lesions, for gingival contouring and procedure called frenectomy. LASER usage allows for an easy healing and less post op complications. It is one of the best inventions in the medical field and it has lot in store for the future usage.