The Truth About Root Canals

Author: Dr. Rima Solanki, DMD

Patients always ask us, “Is a root canal procedure going to be very painful?” The answer is that if done correctly, root canal is actually gets you out of pain. What is a root canal? Who needs one and why? A root canal is the dental procedure that cleans the inside of the tooth, known as canal, when pulp (often referred as nerve) of tooth is infected. This can happen due to severe tooth decay, needing crown, dental trauma and cracked tooth or filling. Most of the time, patients will notice extreme tooth pain, lingering pain upon drinking cold beverage or eating food, swelling/soreness, tooth discoloration and not being able to sleep at night due to toothache. A radiograph is always taken to check the extent of the infection and to see the entire root and tooth area. Local anesthetic is administered to keep the patient comfortable during the entire process. A rubber dam is placed to isolate tooth so that saliva can stay from the tooth and to ensure safety. Your dentist or endodontist will open the tooth to clean the canal, subsequently removing infection. After cleaning and shaping the canal, a special kind of filling placed in the canal. Your dentist may place a post if more than 2/3 of tooth structure is missing to build the tooth back. Lastly, a crown is placed to seal root canal treated tooth and prevent it from breaking.

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