The Little Ones

We care for the pediatric population.  At Spring Lake Dental Group, we do our best to make sure all children are treated properly.  We take our time, tell-show-do, provide distractions and entertainment with overhead monitors for viewing TV shows and movies, provide laughing gas to help with anxiety, allow parents to remain in the room during care to help the child feel more secure.  Sometimes all of this is not enough.  There are some noisy, fast-moving and ominous looking instruments we use.  Adults get scared too, and children can be more sensitive to that.  If we cannot manage the child, we will refer to a pediatric dentist for care to be performed under oral sedation, “happy juice!”  The goal is for treatment to be done while preventing untoward incidents that can happen if the child moves suddenly, for the child to have a pleasant experience, and to maximize care in as few visits as possible.  When we know that we cannot effectively and safely treat your little ones, we will refer with the best interest of the child at heart.