Thank You to Our Dental Assistants!

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

Last week, we proudly celebrated Dental Assistants Week! And I wanted to dedicate this blog to thank all our dental assistants. Many of you may know how much we depend on our assistants and how hard they work to provide our patients the best care possible. Dental assistants are multitaskers, professionals, and diversely trained healthcare providers. At Spring Lake Dental Group, we task our assistants to understand the importance of knowing and understanding our patient’s medical and dental history, as well as the dental procedure to be performed. Every patient is unique and they are challenged to manage them as such. Studying and training is hard and often stressful, mostly because of the quality of care we strive to provide. This is specially why our dental assistants are a crucial part of our team. The relationship between the dentist and the dental assistant is one of major commitment, respect and trust. Every day I honestly and truly say, “I could not have done it without their help.” Thank you all and congratulations on your week!