The Importance of Elective Care During The Pandemic

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with a statement that they recommended that elective dental care be deferred during this COVID pandemic. I could not disagree more. This is the same organization that President Trump has largely de-funded because of their biased ties to China and their lukewarm response to the upcoming pandemic back in February of 2020. But why they would encourage patients to delay or forego their care is an enigma to me. The medical profession as well as the dental profession has used the last couple of months to gear up to the challenges that this virus presents to us. We are familiar with the concept of universal precautions and now that the logistical system has caught up the needs of the profession, we have geared our delivery of care with patient safety in mind.
Spring Lake Dental Group has installed many layers of policies and procedures as well as physical and chemical barriers that limit the risk to both our staff, their families as well as our patients. The patients that have been seen in the last month at our facility have filled our comments pages with testimonials on their observations about the effectiveness of these barriers. The American Dental Association (ADA) has replied to the WHO and said that it “respectfully, strongly disagrees” with the organizations statement. You may assume that the ADA is responding out of its own self-interest, but I would encourage you to look at the groundswell of opinions that have endorsed the ADA statement on the internet.
SLDG will always remain committed to providing emergency care to patients on a 24/7 basis.  But routine, elective care should not be deferred at this time.  Delayed treatment of gum and periodontal disease, cavities, broken fillings, space infections and dead or dying tooth pulps do not respond more favorably by deferring their care.  Elective treatment such as plaque control and cancer screenings are an essential component of preventive health care. Believe in the commitment that our practice has put forth in providing safe and effective care. Continue your march towards a healthy and beautiful oral environment by allowing us to take care of you and your family, even during these trying times.