The Importance of Continuing Education

Training is a key aspect of a safe and efficient dental office. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes that training is a principal strategy in risk reduction for employees, and has always requires appropriate and timely training. Training is required for most OSHA standards and it is mandated in dental offices. In addition to our expertise and the latest technology in the field, here at Spring Lake Dental Group we want to make sure you also receive excellent care and the warmest experience.


Dr. David G. Dickerhoff, DDS talks about the importance of training and maintaining the staff educated: Upstairs in our practice we have installed a training facility. We use the most advanced technology to educate our staff and to learn about each of our patients every single day. Our mantra, “Never treat a stranger” allows us to protect the patients’ health through knowledge and commitment. I always tell Angela, my office manager, not to hire based on experience only. We can train new staff, but I cannot teach a kind heart or an optimistic personality. Hopefully, you will find that our staff at Spring Lake Dental Group is both friendly and personable. We love what we do! Our efforts to be lifelong students help us deliver excellent care. Our smiles will win you over!”