Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS:Dr. D

I recently sat down for an interview with a young graduate student who was tasked to talk to entrepreneurs about their particular foray into the business world. It made me reflect upon the state of my profession as well as health care within the United States in the new millennium. It seems that the business world has outpaced the movement of dentistry when you look at oral health care as a business endevour. Forward thinking money makers have looked at this profession and set forth business models that, in my opinion, can potentially remove the doctor-patient relationship out of the equation when providing health care. As you evaluate your current oral health care status with your provider, make sure you understand what is being recommended, why it is being recommended, how it is going to be accomplished and for how much. Technology exists today to take away the paternalist approach of the past where patients had to accept the advice of their provider because “he/she was the doctor”. Compassionate care givers welcome questions and feel that the better informed their patients are, the more readily they will accept treatment. Get involved in your treatment and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile and healthy month. The profession has advanced to a point where we can do some amazing things for your overall health and well being!