Stay Safe in 2024

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI

The Center for Disease Control says that Influenza and COVID-19 infections are increasing and could get worse. The Associated Press (AP) on December 22, 2023 reported, “Look for flu and COVID-19 infections to ramp up in the coming months and weeks, U.S. health officials say, with increases fueled by holiday gatherings, too many unvaccinated people and a new version of the coronavirus that may be spreading more easily.” On December 22 nd , the CDC said that high levels of flu-like illnesses were reported in seventeen states last week – up three from the week before. Officials are also “keeping an eye on a version of the ever-evolving coronavirus, known as JN.1.” The CDC said that the COVID’s JN.1. accounts for 39% to 50% of cases in the United States as of December 23, according to the agency’s projections. The CDC said, “the variant continues to cause an increasing share of infections and is now the most widely circulating variant in the country”.

When I went to get my third COVID booster from the local Walgreens last week, I asked how much I owed after the immunization. I had heard that the government had stopped paying for COVID inoculations. It seems that they only stopped paying for COVID testing. The immunizations are still covered, or at least mine was. It is worth checking into.

Use your best judgement as to whether you will get the newest booster. Our practice continues to use universal precautions in treating our patients. We have been sensitized to vector factors for virus spread and we work hard to protect your health as well as ours.

Wishing you a very healthy and happy 2024.