Stay Healthy

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI

USA Today reported Pfizer and its partner BioTech “have shown that their new COVID-19 booster does what they hoped it would, with the same safety and side effect profile as earlier shots”. In a study released on Friday, “the pair found that adults mounted a strong immune response to the new “bivalent booster” which is targeted to both the original virus and the BA.4 and BA.5 variants.” The New York Times reported the two companies, “said that one month after getting the new booster, clinical trial participants over 55 had antibody levels that were about four times as high as those who received the original booster’. Also, “Pfizer said that the updated shot increased antibodies nearly tenfold for younger adults and 13-fold for older ones compared with antibody levels before receiving the shot. It’s flu season and I recommend getting your yearly influenza immunization at your earliest opportunity. Don’t do these immunizations at the same time as it might be hard to distinguish a bad reaction if they are delivered simultaneously.

If you haven’t updated your pneumococcal pneumonia immunization, ask your pharmacist if they have the new Prevnar-20 vaccine. It helps protect against 20 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. Once again, choose a separate date to get each of these immunizations. Veteran’s Day is November 11th each year and once again, our practice observed this holiday by closing the dental practice. We consider it a honor to be able to care for our active duty military, retirees and their families. On this day annually, we will be taking a moment to honor their service and the sacrifices they have made for our country.