Pull or Save It

Author: Dr. Rima Solanki, DMD

Many times, we have patients ask when we recommend the extraction of a tooth, “why don’t we pull all the teeth and get dentures?” We understand your frustration associated with having to keep coming to the dentist when extensive dental work is involved, however there is nothing better than trying to save our own teeth and reasons are many. Replacing teeth can be more costly than saving them, especially when implants are involved and not all patients are candidates for implants. After the extractions of teeth, remaining teeth will start to move, opposing teeth will supra-erupt since they have nothing to bite against and gaps between teeth may start to appear, especially when immediate teeth replacement is not done. Removable teeth replacement options (dentures or partial dentures) are there, however it requires a bit of adjustment with talking and eating with them and many times, patients stop wearing them. Some patients are not comfortable with having removable teeth replacement. Remember to talk to your dentists at the Spring Lake Dental Group for the best treatment option!