Do-It-Yourself Dentistry

Author: Dr. David Dickerhoff, DDS, MAGD, FOCOI

According to Becker’s Dental review (1/3, Portalatin), “Dentists are warning against a new wave of TikTok videos showing people using do-it-yourself methods to solve dental issues to avoid visiting the dentist”, the Miami Herald reported on January 2nd. Some of the viral “videos include making at-home veneers, removing braces with a spoon and filling gaps with dental filling.” The article reports that “several TikTok users who used these hacks have also said that they regret using the methods, including one woman who ended up visiting the dentist to treat pain after she tried to straighten her teeth with a nail file.” We all are familiar with how popular social media has become, but reflect on the fact that these posting are not refereed, and an ounce of common sense must be applied to all recommendations you receive on this medium. Nuf said?

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene (12/29, Machado) reported, “The National defense Authorization Act of 2023 will require between two and four dental plan options for active military and National Guard members and their families beginning January 1st, 2026.”  Previously, “the military dental coverage offered only one plan.”  According to the article, “The new options must include one standard plan, covering preventive, restorative, and specialty care, and a premium option that would include higher coverage than the standard plan.”

We at Spring Lake Dental Group, see where this is going and how it will impact our military service members and their families. Philosophically, we at SLDG, have always wanted to accept military insurance and hope that our elected officials negotiate and reasonable rate for our military members as well as a fair level of compensation for care providers. But as this is still years in the offing, the point that I would like to make is about the relationship that you cultivate between you and your health care provider. Understanding your needs and the choices you have concerning those needs will be paramount in understanding which option you should choose. The business of dentistry and the contract you have with an insurance carrier should not come between you and your care provider. At Spring Lake Dental Group, we relish in our patient education time! We welcome questions and we wish all of our patients were well informed enough to make an educated decision. Once made, that is when we feel we do our best job in providing outstanding care in a safe and respectful environment. Nuf said?