Your Story

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS, FAGD

A recent article in AGD Impact (monthly news magazine for the Academy of General Dentistry) highlighted the importance of listening to patients’ stories. The author details his experience with a patient who was homeless. His living situation was the result of the side effects of a drug that caused him to lose his job, home, and his relationship with his daughter. His dental appointments allowed him to stretch out his 6 feet, 4 inch stature in the dental chair, a commodity not easily attained living in his Toyota sedan. We all have a story. Our patients’ appointments can last a few minutes to hours, and although we are tasked to provide a service for you in a designated time frame, we also want to provide a space for you, our patients, to share your story. At Spring Lake Dental Group, we never want to treat a stranger, and we see every patient as a family member. Family listens, family shares, family helps, family cares. Your family at SLDG is here for you, and thank you for listening to our stories.