Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Treat A Cavity



MANY OF US HAVE HAD at least one cavity in our lives, and if we don’t keep up on our oral hygiene, it’s likely that we’ll get a couple more as time goes by.

While cavities may be inconvenient, it’s imperative that we get them treated immediately. At spring Lake Dental group we believe that early treatment of cavities prevents long-term damage to our teeth and is essential to maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile!

Why do I need to get my cavities treated if my teeth don’t hurt?

Our staff explains to each of our patients  that a cavity develops when bacteria is not removed from the surfaces of your teeth (poor oral hygiene/ diet). That bacteria produces acid that will break down the outer layer (the enamel) of teeth.  If treated early, a simple filling can solve the problem.

If left untreated, the cavity will grow larger and the infection will eventually invade the tooth pulp (the innermost part of the tooth where the nerve and small vessels are located).  When the pulp becomes infected, the treatment needed can become much more serious. A painful toothache could turn into facial swelling requiring a root canal, extraction, or possibly a visit to the emergency room. Letting cavities fester is more common than you think. Approximately 28 percent of adults are living with untreated cavities. Because cavities are so commonplace, some may think they can leave them untreated, either to save money or spare themselves a filling. It is important to remember, however, that a cavity is considered an infection that requires prompt treatment.

Like we always tell our patients, a toothache never occurs when it is convenient for anyone, especially the patient, and it will eventually turn into a more time consuming as well as costlier problem. Our providers encourage patients to be proactive and plan to have dental treatment when it is most convenient for them rather than have a toothache dictate the visit to the dentist.  It can happen anywhere and at anytime.  Treat the problem when it is small and manageable. Don’t wait for it to turn into a more painful, inconvenient and costly experience.

Your Health And Comfort Are Our Priority

In the end, the ideal option is to prevent cavities before they even occur! At Spring Lake Dental Group, your health and comfort are our priority. We are your partners in helping you maintain a cavity-free, beautiful smile!