What’s New at Spring Lake Dental Group?

Author: Dr. Alison V. Berger, DMD, FAGD

During the last couple decades, Spring Lake Dental Group has been in partnership with Fayetteville Technical Community College in support of their Dental Assisting Program. We welcome dental assisting students to our clinic as part of their private practice rotations. Here, they learn what the “real” clinical world looks like.

Recently, I have been offered the great opportunity to help form part of their faculty in the Dental Hygiene Program. I would be helping the senior year dental hygiene students to learn local anesthetic administration and techniques. Recently, the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners approved for dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia to facilitate their treatment. FTCC has designed a course for their students to become proficient in the different techniques. Although I am still in the process of interview and review of my application, hopefully we get the good news for becoming a part-time faculty member at this institution and help make a difference in the professional development of our future dental hygienists.