What should you be looking for in a dental office?



Spring Lake Dental Group sets itself apart from other dental offices in that it is a multi-disciplinary, insurance based practice that prides itself on friendly, personalized, professional service. Multi-disciplinary in that we have generalists and specialist under the same roof in order to enhance communication and streamline insurance benefits. Who wants to travel from office to office where there holds potential for receiving care that may not be covered by your insurance plan because each office is not talking to the other? We ascribe to the belief that we do not let a patient’s insurance plan dictate his or her care, but intelligently informing our patients about their particular plan may assist them in making beneficial financial choices. Our staff is highly trained to assist you in knowing what we are going to do, how we are going to do it and how much it is going to cost you. In this face paced society we live in today, we understand that professional financial advice can help you stay within your family’s health care budget. We have philosophically decided to accept certain insurances because most of our staff has a military background and service to our country is part of our DNA. We cherish our relationships with active duty soldiers, their family members and our retirees. We know that you will find our dedicated, educated and professional staff sensitive to your needs and concerns.