What Is An RDH and What Does It Mean?

Author: Angela Weaver-Blake, RDH

We have come to the end of another National Dental Hygiene Month. As a dental hygienist, this is a very important month for me. Dental hygiene month is not all about celebrating the dental hygienist, it is about celebrating importance of what we do. Dental hygienists are a very dedicated group of health care professionals that really care about our patients oral health and total body health. This is a month that we celebrate making the public aware of the importance of supporting good oral health.

What is a dental hygienist and what does “RDH” mean? RDH stand for Registered Dental Hygienist. What does that mean to the dental hygienist? It means that they have passed credentials that are set up by the state they are practicing in. General requirements for the dental hygienist include graduating from an accredited dental hygiene program, passing a written national examination, and a state clinical examination. The RDH license must be kept up by hours continuing education to stay knowledgeable about the work they’re doing to help patients be successful in achieving good oral health. We are professionals that focus on preventing and treating oral disease which in turn help our entire body to stay healthy. Your hygienist is a highly trained professional that is here to help you remove plaque and tartar from your teeth that causes decay, gum disease and potentially the loss of teeth. Hygienist help educate you on how to continue with good oral care at home. Because everyone has different needs, they will help you with your own personal regimen that is unique to you. It is important to see your dental hygienist regularly. We all have different dental needs, your hygienist with the help of the dentists supervision will be able to guide you on what is best for you. Your needs could be 6 months, 4 months or even 3 months for cleanings. Your hygiene appointments are very important in comparing your oral health from past to your current appointment. Because these appointments are determined for your specific needs, it is very important to stick with the prescribed schedule that has been determined by your hygienist. This will help keep you from dental emergencies like broken teeth or advancing to periodontal (gum) disease. Hygienist want to keep you out of the emergency room. At regular hygiene appointments you will also get a routine oral cancer screening. If you do not see your hygienist on a regular recall many things can go unnoticed, things that can be treated if caught early.

We would like for you to help us celebrate dental hygiene month all year long by taking care of your oral health which in return, you will encourage a healthy body. If you have googled or searched the web for “the best dentist near me”, search not further, here at Spring Lake Dental Group, we are all smiles and ready to welcome you into our dental family. We give 100% daily to make us “ the best dental office near you!”