What Happens Next?

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

We understand, when you are in pain, you just want to get rid of that awful pain that is not letting you sleep. But what happens after you get that tooth out? Well, after losing a tooth the bone that was supporting it starts to collapse in all directions during the healing stages. It “shrinks” going down and inward creating a caved in defect. Also, adjacent teeth that were in contact with the now gone tooth will start to shift trying to get in contact again, but sadly, is just a tipping movement rather than a bodily one. I’m sure you have heard us recommending bone grafting to eventually place an implant in order to prevent all these changes from happening.

What is the purpose of grafting the extraction site? After the extraction bone particles are placed where the tooth used to be to preserve the bone dimensions. This will help have a predictable site to place a stable implant that will be surrounded by bone on every plane. There are multiple kinds of grafting materials depending on the indications and preferences of the clinician. But the main way that the bone grafting works is by providing the way and aid for the body’s bone cells to lay down bone in that empty socket. I like to describe it as an enhanced scaffolding system for the bone cells to climb while laying bone. Science keeps advancing and growing at a fast pace which allows us to provide you with safe and predictable options for great treatment.