Sports and Your Teeth

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

It’s time for World Cup Soccer! My family and I are really excited for it since soccer has a very special part in my life as my boys love playing it. I know parents can relate to how much we enjoy seeing our children playing a sport they are passionate about. So, let’s review a few important points to watch for when our kids or family members are involved in sports:

 Mouthguard – Using an athletic mouthguard is extremely important and we can’t stress it enough. Sports involve speed, force and close contact with other players. Unfortunately, accidents and trauma to the teeth are very common. A simple way to prevent or to keep any trauma to the teeth to a minimum is to wear a physical protector over the teeth. At Spring Lake Dental Group, we have the ability to create custom mouthguards for the sports player in your life!

 If trauma ever happens, evaluate consciousness and contact emergency care immediately if needed. If it is only trauma to the teeth contact Spring Lake Dental Group as soon as possible, so we can guide you through the proper care and can see you right away.

 Electrolyte drinks – Hydration is essential when playing any kind of sports. Water is ideal, but we also know a lot of our players prefer drinks to replenish electrolytes. We have to be careful with these drinks as they have high sugar content, even the ones that are marketed as “low-sugar”. Bacteria in the mouth will feed on these sugars as the players are constantly sipping on them, and with high activity levels, salivation is reduced causing a drier environment in the mouth. Therefore, the acid produced by these bacteria cannot be dissolved and enamel can’t be remineralized by the saliva as effectively as when the player is relaxed. If sugary drinks are the preference, then I recommend to alternate it with water.

Enjoy and have fun this summer during all of your sport playing moments!