Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS, FAGD

Self-reflection requires honesty. Sometimes our behavior to certain situations can be less than desirable for us or the other people involved. An article in the August edition of AGD Impact (vol. 50, no. 8) defined self-reflection as the “process of learning more about yourself so that you can adjust when necessary and improve”. The article identified the steps of the process as giving time for uninterrupted thought, being honest with yourself, and learning a lesson. When doing the exercise, think of a prior experience objectively and ask yourself: What caused that? How did I feel about it? Why did I feel that way about it? Could I have done anything differently? What would I do next time? Honest self-assessment can sometimes be an arduous task but always necessary, and the lesson learned invaluable so as not to repeat regrettable behavior.