Screen Your Lips

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

Summer time is upon us! I’m sure you all are enjoying the wonderful outdoors. Beach, lake, sports, pool and hiking are some of my family’s favorites. With all this time outside we need to make sure we’re paying attention to taking care of our skin and lips. As we all know, sun exposure is a major source of radiation. This radiation can cause abnormalities during cell replication, which is a normal process of our bodies to keep us healthy.  Sometimes the body isn’t able to correct these mistakes because of a repeated stimulus, such as constant exposure to the UV rays from the sun, for example. When outside always stay hydrated and protect your skin and lips. Wearing hats and sunscreen, as well as sunscreen lip balm, are good ways to stay protected.  I know, we don’t always think of sunscreen for our lips, but it is so important to also take care of ours lips.  Some aggressive cancerous lesions start around the border of the lips and the tip of the nose. This is why  at Spring Lake Dental Group we dedicate ourselves to provide comprehensive care to our patients. During your dental appointments we perform an oral and extra-oral cancer screening. We check for any lesions that are not normal anatomy of the area, as well as changes in the normal appearance of anatomical structures. An example of a lesion caused by sun exposure would be blurring of the lip line or a persistent “scab” looking area mainly on nose and forehead. Always ask your dentist to check any areas you might be concerned about, that’s what we are here for. Have a happy summer!