Removable Prosthodontics and How To Care For Them

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

Removable dentures are a relatively quick and financially reasonable option for replacing multiple missing teeth. Sometimes it can be used as an interim solution during the healing phase of more extensive treatment. There are two main categories of removable dentures: partials and complete. When a patient still has natural teeth present, these will serve as pillars to support a partial denture. On the other hand, a complete denture will be supported only by the bone ridge and soft tissue present as a result of extraction of all remaining teeth. Both of these have the option of being retained or supported by multiple implants in order to provide more stability. This is specially useful for complete dentures wearers with low bone ridges. Another important aspect of removable dentures is how to care for them. Dentures must be brushed and cleaned every day, and patients should never sleep with them in. Debris does get accumulated on the surface of the dentures causing bacteria and fungi to linger on it. Therefore, sleeping with them in will not allow the soft tissue to rest and also cause irritation to the tissue in contact with it. Here at Spring Lake Dental Group, we strive to provide you with all the available treatment options and help you get the best option for you!