Maintaining Good Dental Health

Author: Bonnie Lott, BS, RDH

I am hoping everyone is doing well and staying home through this current pandemic. Even though our office is not currently preforming routine dental care, we still hope that you are maintaining good dental health practices at home. Brushing and flossing is a vital part of keeping yourself healthy! By continuing with these basic routines you are lowering bacteria levels in your mouth and decreasing risk of infection and decay rates. Remember to focus your toothbrush bristles along your gums at a 45 degree angle, being sure to take your time around each area, thoroughly removing plaque and debris. Always be sure to check your brush head for wear and replace it as needed or at least every 3 months. A worn out brush will not clean effectively. Flossing at least once daily will clean areas that you are unable to access with a toothbrush. Plaque forms within minutes after you eat and will begin to calcify within 24 hours unless removed, so it is important to floss every day! As a hygienist, it is my job to remove calculus formations, so the more effective your homecare is, the easier your future dental cleaning will be! Last but not least, brush your tongue and rinse with mouth wash. Think of your tongue as a “carpet” for bacteria. Gross right?! By gently brushing your tongue, you will remove bacteria and in turn freshen your breath and improve your odds at better health. Bless you all and stay home and stay healthy! We hope to see you all again soon!