Implants vs. Bridges

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

Plenty of times we are asked about tooth replacement options such as implants, dentures or bridges. Of course, these options are given after a detailed evaluation of the area that needs to be replaced, as well as, medical history and habits of the patient. Implants are a versatile option to replace single or multiple teeth. For example, an ideal and pretty predictable scenario for an implant would be a healthy patient that lost a a single tooth, and the teeth adjacent to that site do not need any treatment. In this case, the implant is favored because it would be replacing a single tooth without affecting any other areas. Implants would also be indicated when multiple sites need to be replaced, as well as, for denture wearing patients. In the later stages, stability and retention of the complete or partial denture will be improved.

Fixed bridge are another great tooth replacement option. This is favored when contraindications for implant placement are present. Or when the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth site needs extensive fillings or crowns. Some contraindications for implant placement include systemic bone conditions, past history of using medications for bone density treatment, and smoking, among others. Every patient and every site is unique, so please do not hesitate to ask our professional opinion in what your best option will be!