Happy Fall!

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

Happy Fall y’all!  It is that time of year when leaves turn beautiful tones of red and yellow, temperatures drop and the holiday season starts, creating a perfect environment to gather together with our loved ones.  Today, I am not going to address a dental topic, but rather give you all a moment to reflect on our daily blessings. COVID-19, inclement weather, riots and protests, politics and elections, among so many other individual challenges have marked this year to be extremely interesting, to say the least. Situations like these tend to create a lot of anxiety, and all with valid reasons. But, let’s take a few minutes and think about the good things that happen each day. It does not have to be huge and extraordinary news all the time, we can think about the small achievements as well.  Think about your children’s face when they eat their favorite dessert after a challenging day of online schooling, thank your friend or neighbor for helping you when you needed it the most, feel the afternoon breeze or listen to the rain falling, which is helping your garden grow. These are just little things that a lot of times we take for granted, but that can turn a day for the better, if we just slow down to appreciate it.  We all go through tough moments in our lives and challenges will keep showing up, but the journey and the outcome will be greatly influenced by the attitude we take towards it. Praying and trusting God helps us shift our hearts and minds to try to see the positive in the midst of the storm, so we rise up to new levels of confidence and maturity. We are entering the last few months of this year and the holiday season is about to start, so let’s give thanks and enjoy our loved ones each and every day!