Happy Easter!

This week, we are celebrating the most amazing miracle that humanity has ever witnessed, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Many people see spring break as a week off of work, or vacation time from school, but it truly is all about God.
I grew up in the small island of Puerto Rico, and I remember, growing up, it was a very solemn time of the year, Christian movies, and special church services. Unfortunately, society has grown apart from this tradition, and almost forgotten the true celebration of this season. It is not only about the easter bunny or candies, but about opening our heart to our King Jesus.  
Jesus came to be one of us, while still being God, and carried the sin of ALL the world, to the point of death. This to show us how much He loves us. He could have let us pay the price of our decisions and sin, but His love is so amazing and eternal, that He could not let us go through all that suffering, so He paid the price for you and me.  We just have to accept Him as our Savior, believe in Him and love Him.  But the best of it all, is that He rose from the dead, He is Risen, HE IS ALIVE!  How can a dead person be able to forgive your sins? But a living God can, so Jesus can save you. None of us is perfect or worthy, but yet, He finds us right where we are, and His love transforms our hearts, so we can become more like Him. Remember when you met your spouse? When you started dating and spending time together? Your love for each other grew deeper and deeper, to the point that you started to adopt behaviors, likings, sayings, and ways of living. This is just a simple example of what love is capable of doing. Now imagine how a perfect love of God finds us, and by us spending some time talking to God and getting to know Him, we can see His amazing grace and be so thankful to Him, that we end up changing how we live, and start living a life pleasing to God.
I pray that you get to know His loving mercies and celebrate His resurrection! Happy Easter!