I read an article in AGD Impact titled “One of the Best Ways to Empower Your Team to Be Great Is for You to Be Grateful”. It focused on how to express appreciation to your dental team. I thought of one team member that we must include in the equation, our patients. The article touched on practices that can deliver incredible returns such as public and private appreciation and affirmation from the entire team. Our patients are the reason we meet each day, they are our focus. In the operatories, I can hear doctors, assistants, hygienists thanking patients for giving a detailed medical history, for trusting us to care for them, for putting their tongue just right so we can take the perfect impression, and on the occasions when we are not timely with starting appointments, thanking them for their patience. I have witnessed patient care coordinators, members of the financial department, and clinical staff all enthusiastically sing Happy Birthday to patients. Our staff have sent cards of condolences to patients who’ve lost loved ones, hugged them, and prayed for them and their families. Spring Lake Dental Group acknowledges that our patients are members of the team. We are grateful for all of you, and hopefully as we continue to work as a team our dreams will work as well.