Fresh Breath!

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMDWe must admit it; all of us have gone through that awful moment when we can’t stand our breath for whatever the reason may be! Halitosis (bad breath) can be the result of multiple things all of which are linked to the presence of bacteria that produce the compounds associated with the bad breath.  It can range from poor oral hygiene, improper cleaning of the tongue, periodontal conditions (gum disease), and persistent infection of the throat or tonsillitis, just to note the most common.  But there is a way to resolve them and in my opinion, we should always start with the “easy fix” and build up from there.  This would be starting to improve oral hygiene and incorporating extra tools into the daily routine.  Always make sure you get your dental cleanings twice a year to discard the presence of gum disease, which requires extra treatment.  More persistent cases would have to be evaluated in more depth to rule out inflammation of the tonsils among other possible conditions.

But, how can oral hygiene be improved?  At Spring Lake Dental Group, we have incorporated a couple of tools that would benefit a wide range of our patients.  The first one is the “Burst Sonic Toothbrush” and “OraCare” mouth rinse.  The sonic toothbrush technology has proven to be very efficient in dental plaque removal especially for patients with different challenges of proper plaque control.  The “Burst” toothbrush is a very affordable option to incorporate this technology into your daily routine.  It has charcoal in its soft bristles giving the benefit of mild whitening of your teeth as well as absorbing bad breath causing bacterial byproducts present in the plaque.  The “OraCare” rinse has been designed to target a wide variety of dental conditions.  We recommend it to patients with periodontal disease, dry mouth, braces, bad breath and to use after dental surgical procedures.  It is a good adjunctive system that will help in fighting the bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds (which causes bad breath), viruses, and fungi.

Both of these new tools can help you achieve a healthier mouth.  So, please feel free to ask your hygienist or your dentist about the benefits of these at your next visit!