Congratulations Are In Order

Congratulations are in order for some of the staff member at Spring Lake Dental Group. On Saturday, we celebrated the beautiful wedding of our Insurance Coordinator, La’Tesha Perkinson, now, Mrs. Leath! I know she is loving the way that sounds! La’Tesha has been a one of our most valuable business team members, and she has been with us for almost 9 years. She has grown here and her well-rounded knowledge on scheduling, insurance and treatment plans make her an amazing asset to our dental practice. Mr. and Mrs. Leath have a beautiful daughter who is greatly loved by all of us.

We also have Devares who just welcomed a wonderful addition to his family. This past weekend, him and his wife had a baby girl! They are now home and are doing well. Devares recently join our business team and is constantly showing his professionalism and dedication to our practice and to most importantly, to our patients.

Lastly, I am humbled by all the kindness and great spirits of all of you who had congratulated me on receiving my Fellowship Award from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). This is one of the 3 awards the AGD grants, followed by the Mastership, and Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition (LLSR). In order to receive the Fellowship award, a dentist has to be a member of the AGD for at least 3 years, pass a 300 question test, and participate in 500 hours of continuing education in all areas and specialties of dentistry. I have to most sincerely thank my boys, my family and Dr. Dickerhoff and Janice Dickerhoff for encouraging me and supporting this big effort, every step of the way!