Can I Pull It?

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, MS, FAGD

It can be scary for a little kid to feel their tooth moving. It can be uncomfortable when eating and talking, gums can become irritated, and that nosey tongue is definitely going to touch it repetitively. The loose tooth can also contribute to a less than ideal eruption of its permanent replacement. A tooth that is held in just by the gums has no other anchor, no root is present and only gum tissue is keeping it in the mouth. When the tooth is like that, it is perfectly fine for your little one or you, the parent, to pull it. Despite the apprehension, kids will feel so much better with that very loose tooth not being in the mouth. Encouragement is needed to promote removing the tooth such as ease of getting it out, satisfaction of doing a good and necessary job, and of course money from the “Tooth Fairy”! In cases were a baby tooth is retained far longer than it should be and movement is not present, let us take a look and be the “Tooth Fairy” for your little one.