Bright White

Author: Dr. Alison V. Berger, DMD, FAGD

Before and after results of teeth whiteningWouldn’t you want a whiter smile?  I will venture to say that most of our patients would like to have whiter teeth. But how do you “bleach” or whiten your teeth? Nowadays, there are so many advertisements and products readily available, that it makes it hard to decide on what is the best product. In my professional opinion, I do trust some over-the-counter products that are manufactured by well known companies, and the professionally designed products distributed directly to dental practitioners. The main ingredient in whitening products is hydrogen peroxide in a concentration that is safe to the enamel of your teeth. The concentration of this active ingredient is what determines the strength and the availability of the product (over-the-counter vs dental office). The higher the concentration the more technique sensitive the product will be, hence the need for it to be administered by a dental professional, in order to avoid damage to the gum tissue or sensitivity.

At Spring Lake Dental Group, we offer several options to brighten your smile. We have OpalescenceGO, which is a 10% or 15% peroxide concentration strip system that will be used by the patient at the convenience of their home for 7-10 days. We also offer Boost Whitening. This is an appointment-based option. The concentration of this one is at a 40% hydrogen peroxide and can be administered up to two consecutive applications of 20 minutes each. For this option, we ask our patient to brush with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste for 2 weeks before the whitening appointment.

It is imperative to have our patients know that if you are interested in whitening, please let us know at your hygiene appointment or when you first meet us! If you would need any treatment that involves tooth-colored fillings, crowns or dentures in the anterior area, the whitening procedure will need to be performed before the rest of the esthetic treatment is started, but after the active decay has been restored. The importance of this is that we do match the shade of these materials to the existing natural teeth and the only structure that will lighten up after a whitening procedure is your natural tooth. All other materials are at a set shade and will not be affected by whitening.