Back to School

Author: Dr. Alison Vitelli, DMD

Wow! Back to school already? Where did this summer go? I am sure you are also asking yourselves these questions. 

As we prepare for back to school, there are so many boxes to check in order to get our children ready for the new year. And their dental cleaning should be a very important one on your list. I want to take a moment today to reiterate the importance of having a professional cleaning and an exam with radiographs done before kids head back to school. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends cleanings with an exam twice a year and a new set of radiographs once a year for both children and adults. This way we are able to assess any dental needs such as improvement of brushing and flossing techniques, detect caries (cavities) or any other kind of oral condition that can affect the well being of the patient. By having frequent and routine dental care, we can minimize absences to school related to pain associated with deep cavities, and also promote good oral hygiene habits that will in turn help decrease decay. Here at Spring Lake Dental Group, we strive to work for the overall well being of all our patients and we want you all healthy!