A Big Deal

Author: Kimberly N. Powell, DDS, FAGD, MS

When our patients have dental work performed, there are certain instructions that are given. We are not trying to inconvenience them, but hoping that an expected and agreeable result occurs. Here are a few examples of do’s and don’ts after dental care. Do return to the office after getting a filling if your bite feels “off” or “high”. When adjustments to the filling are delayed, the tooth can become sore because of the excess pressure on the site and subsequent bruising of the supporting tissue. The adjustments are quick, no anesthetic is usually needed, and your bite will feel better. Do tell us if something is uncomfortable after seating a denture or partial. Not expressing your discomfort will have you returning to the office for adjustments and can cause sores in your mouth due to an ill-fitting prosthesis which could have been corrected the day of seat. Don’t smoke after a tooth extraction. Our post-op instructions help facilitate the best possible outcome after surgery, and we advise to not smoke for three days following care. We know that post-op complications can happen even following the instructions to the letter, but those are the exceptions. Smoking after an extraction can disrupt the blood clot in the socket causing a dry socket. Dry sockets are very painful, more so than the toothache. Don’t listen to “they”! We are here to answer all of your questions. The “they” experts can steer you down the wrong path, have you delaying needed treatment, and keep you in pain. We are here for you at the office and even a phone call away.