Holly Day Fair Chairwoman Lives To Help Others

Posted by: Spring Lake Dental Group, Author: Bill Kirby Jr. (Fayetteville Observer)

Call Angela Carr-Finch a woman with purpose in her life.

Today, she’s busy putting the finishing touches on the 51st Annual Holly Day Fair, which opens a 4-day run Thursday at the Crown Expo Center.

“We are expecting our vendors Monday and Tuesday,” Carr-Finch, 48, chairwoman of the fair, was saying Monday, “and getting ready for our shoppers Thursday morning.”

Carrying the responsibility of the fair itself would be enough for anybody, and yet there is her job as office manager at the Spring Lake Dental Group, where Carr-Finch takes equal pride in her work, and where her compassion for patients recently was recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management based in Alexandria, Va.


Carr-Finch was honored in September with the Elizabeth “Clay” Smith Humanitarian Award.

“She was known for her volunteer efforts,” Carr-Finch says about Smith. “She was a selfless person who made a difference in her community while encouraging others to do the same. Unfortunately she lost her life to breast cancer. The award is all about giving back to the community. Tracy Mozingo and I are members of the Society for Human Resource Management, and she nominated me. I was extremely surprised to be nominated, and then to be the recipient.”

The honor, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, is especially meaningful to the organization, it says, and was created to honor what it describes as one of its more selfless members who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2014.

“This award is given to honor a HR professional who promotes well being, respect and dignity within their community, while striving to make a lasting difference and to encourage others to do the same,” the SHRM says. “In doing so this person exemplified compassion, courage and professional in the practice of human resources as well as their personal lives.”

Giving back to others is just a part of Angela Carr-Finch.

“I am compassionate about volunteerism,” says Carr-Finch, who also serves on The CARE Clinic board of directors that assists the low-income. “I think I got it from when I was a child growing up in Nathalie, Virginia. My parents were givers. My grandparents were givers, too. When you are in a field of service for mankind, you don’t look for a pat on the back. I just do it. If you can help somebody, why not help.”

Carr-Finch says she has learned about giving back, too, from Dr. Dave Dickerhoff, who founded the Spring Lake Dental Group.

“He is an amazing mentor,” she says. “I have learned a lot from him, and he has a lot to do with the adult person I am today. He is compassionate and gives back a lot. He is one of those people who is always giving back.”

Dickerhoff says he has nothing but respect for Carr-Finch, and her heart for helping others.

“Angela is my North Star when it comes to doing what is right,” Dickerhoff says. “Even though she works for Spring Lake Dental Group, her primary passion has always been for doing what is right. She has always been a patient and employee advocate. I admire her never-wavering sense of ethics and humanity.”

Giving back is another reason Carr-Finch relishes her membership with the Junior League of Fayetteville, and takes pride this year in serving as chairwoman of the Holly Day Fair.

“Our platform is children and mental health,,” she says about the league that, according to its website, provides support to children with mental health issues, and the adults who care for them. “We had 22,000 people attend last year, and we are so hoping and prayerful to get more this year.”

To say Carr-Finch is a busy woman is an understatement.

’This week I am in and out of the office,” says Carr-Finch, a wife, mother and usher in her Simon Temple AME Church every other Sunday. “And this week, I’m lucky if I get four hours of sleep.”

She wouldn’t change one hour in herday … or her life.

“I couldn’t have it any other way,” Carr-Finch says. “It keeps me pumped up and motivated.”

Call Angela Carr-Finch, to be sure, a woman with purpose in her life.

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